Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

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Re: Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

Allan Olesen wrote:

theswede wrote:

We currently do not have advanced information on the release of cameras, lenses

I think that qualifier may negate the whole statement.

So the fact that Sony is a large corporation with rules on product information release means nothing it says is ever true?

I have no idea how you read his words that way.

Interesting, since that is precisely what he said.

Let me translate:

This ought to be interesting. Go on!

The only one from Sony who can give something resembling a guarantee about the future of A-mount is the person(s) who decides what happens to A-mount.

That ... is not even remotely true. Anyone who has been briefed about what happens to A-mount by these persons can also give something resembling a guarantee. This is a corporation, where decisions involve huge amounts of engineering, purchases, marketing and logistics. A decision to, for example, make a series of new A mount lenses is nothing which is done in an afternoon and then delivered to the presses the morning after. It takes years.

That/those person(s) would also have access to all information regarding upcoming A-mount product.

Access to information and liberty to divulge this information is two completely separate things. I have access to a lot of information about what my company is planning to do, but if you ask me about it I can't tell you. I have signed multiple confidentiality agreements, and even if I hadn't it would be against ethics to divulge such information.

The same applies to Sony, to an even higher extent.

The quote clearly shows that the message was written by someone without this access.

That is plainly false. What the quote shows is that the message was written by someone without authority to divulge confidential information. It says nothing at all about the persons access to such information.

Consequently, it was written by a person who is not in a position to give any guarantee regarding Sony's intentions.

This does not follow. It was written by a person who is not allowed to prematurely release product information.

It would be downright folly of Sony to allow a person who has no knowledge of the future plans of Sony to send out assuring messages with non specific information, and while Sony does some strange things at times this would be too stupid a move even for them.

Consequently, it was most likely written by a person who was in a position to give guarantees regarding Sony's intention but not in a position to provide specifics.


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