For Sony A58 and A65 Owners

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Re: For Sony A58 and A65 Owners

I don't know too much about the A65, I can just tell you something about my A58.

First, the main concern of many people against the A58: It has a plastic mount. To be precise: only the ring on the outside is made from plastic, the mount itself that is holding the lens is made of metal. My opinion: It is a non-issue. I'm changing my 4 lenses a lot, and I don't see any abrasion so far.

Second, the camera is really user friendly for both beginners and experienced users. Good ergonomics, lightweight, good to customize. It's the first cameras since I'm buying digital cameras that my wife doesn't criticizes to be too bulky, awkward to use, hard to understand, etc, pp. Far from it, we have discussions who can have the cam this afternoon, this hike...

Third, it takes really awesome photos IF, well, if you don't use the kit lens. This lens is not really bad.  But, well, it's just not good enough for the camera. That is even worse because you can't buy the A58 without the kit lens. I'd suggest to buy (as I did) the CZ 16-80 - absolutely perfect combo, but the lens itself costs more than 700 bucks...

Maybe there are alternatives. I heard that the 18-135 should be quite reasonable.



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