Who should teach photography?

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Re: Teach who what about photography ?

Jeff_Donald wrote:

Dennis wrote:

Hmmm ... so the tech guys know nothing about art and can only teach how to make boring images ... but you don't mention whether the artists know anything about the craft. Do I sense a bit of bias ?

I never claimed to be unbiased, just as none of the other recent polls were unbiased.

First off, if you take a look at Great Bustards photos, he's quite a good photographer; easily better than the majority of posters here who know less than him about about the technical details. (I can't comment on bobn2 or steen bay or others). In GB I see someone I look up to as both far more knowledgeable about the craft and far better at the art than I am. And I can't say that about anyone arguing against him. (I can think of a couple names of people who are arguing that some of the argument simply isn't necessary, but aren't arguing against him).

I'm not arguing against anyone and I'm sorry if I left that impression.

What was this about then? Uncalled for, I'd say. And for your information, I don't use DPReview galleries for serious work. They don't look after it. All you get here is stuff I put into posts, mostly to illustrate techy points.

3) Don't worry about noise. The techies have drilled in the concept of low noise = better images that many beginners lose great shots because of blur, caused by too low of ISO.

Actually, if you bothered to read and understand the threads, that is what half of it is about, where the ISO fetshists, who believe that 'ISO noise' comes from 'amplification', and don't understand how to control exposure, make people scared of 'high ISO'. You're absolutely right, shake is far more damaging than a little noise.

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