So buy the Sony already!

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Re: So buy the Sony already!

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Is anyone else sick and tired of all of the complaining about the X system. The lenses are too expensive, the auto focus is too slow, the jpeg compression is too high....and on and on and on. It as if they are desperately trying to justify a mistake. I wonder how many Fuji owners are over on the NEX area complaining about the Sony offerings. It is like a bunch of 6th graders moaning about the lunch menu. BRING A SACK LUNCH FROM HOME THEN!

If you don't like what Fuji is offering THEN BUY THE SONY AND MOVE ON!!!! Good Grief!

You must be new here. DPR is not a photographer's forum it is a shopper's forum. These people are not interested in photography they are gear fetishists who go from new item item to new item hoping that one of them will produce perfect photographs. The idea of mastering a camera and using to the limits of its capabilities is perceived as perverse suggestion.

They are analogous to 'audiophiles' who claim to know about specs and technical measurement but don't actually seem to enjoy listening to music.

Ouch! That hurts!

Yep, it hurts... and yet truer words have not been typed within dpreview forums.

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