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Re: Actually, mirrorless appeal in Asia is overstated, DSLR thrives here as well

007peter wrote:

I'm from Asia and I can tell you the popularity of mirrorless is highly exaggerated by Panasonic and Olympus. The truth is - if you bother to come to Asia - you will likely see that Canon + Nikon DSLR are everywhere. In China, BIG CANON DSLR = STATUS SYMBOL. Like a Gold Watch. Female here prefer small canon rebel dslr ove any other mirrorless.

The only difference I see is that Sony NEX is extremely popular here. If you see a Sony, 8/10 times it'll be a NEX and not a Sony SLT. I don't blame Sony for pushing E-mount over A-mount, its what is selling well for Sony, and where the profit is.

I would say Asian are more Brand Conscious than Size Conscious. Sony is a strong brand and Asian prefer Sony to Nikon in the brand prestige. I would rank Canon as #1 with Sony as #2 (mostly NEX), followed by Nikon DSLR.

This has also been my observation in Asia (China and Malaysia) and amongst Asian tourists in Europe.

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