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Re: Done!

DT200 wrote:

Richard wrote:

When something comes out and is even better...

Auto Focus realities:. Phase-detection autofocus (even using still targets and center-point only) wasn’t nearly as accurate as contrast detection.


Removing moving parts and make a product smaller and lighter is what most manufacturers strive for....except maybe Swiss Watch companies.

Watches with moving parts are now really only jewerly. Cheap quartz watches are far more accurate, and we are too the point where most people no longer wear watches.

In a few more years people buying DSLRs will be the same people wearing mechanical watches, paying with checks, and using Jitter Bug phones. They all will be wearing those shade things on the sides of their glasses and eating diner at 4PM at Golden Coral.

Only real photographers will use tools that are for the trade, the rest will be relegated to phone cameras. No need for a mirrorless when a phone will do... by your logic.

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