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Richard wrote:

Chris Malcolm wrote:

Just read this whole thread and discovered that while there's a lot of talk about pro cameras and pro systems there's been negligible discussion of mirror and shutter vibration effects on the image. Of course you can always lock the mirror up or introduce a second or two pause after mirror raise, but that's annoying or impractical for some kinds of photography.

But this is only if you use the camera in mirror mode. Yes, many camera have a lock up feature to eliminate vibration. BUT. When you put a DSLR in live view there is not mirror slap, it is out of the way and works the same way a mirrorless does.

And haven't any of the expert pro photographers writing here noticed how very much worse a problem mirror vibration is for full frame compared to smaller sensor DSLRs? For me that's a significant advantage that crop sensor DSLRs have over full frame.

Once you've got rid of the mirror & mirror vibration there's the mechanical shutter vibration of the focal plane shutter. One of the first things I did when I got my hands on a camera which could switch between mechanical and electronic first curtain shutter was to do careful comparative tests. I was surprised and delighted by the extent of the difference. When going after high resolution with long lenses on a tripod it dramatically increases the range of usable shutter speeds. Which means that for some long lens work you no longer need to heave around a massive wide aperture long lens. You might even not have to buy one of those shockingly expensive monster lenses

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Chris Malcolm

I like the idea of an electronic shutter, my Nikon D70 DSLR had one. It allowed faster flash sync speed 1/500.

Not even close. A Nikon D4 (say) with a 70-200 2.8 mounted and operating in Live View is an unwieldy thing held at arm's length with an unviewable LCD if the sun is strong.

A M43 camera with an EVF and the same equivalent lens OTOH is absolutely nothing like that, being able to operate at eye level all the time, light and well balanced.

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