Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

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Re: You get over it!

I don't know. They don't interest me at all.

Nor me. But mirrorless is big in Japan, and all of Asia.

I think, if you want something a lot smaller with a bigger sensor, Sony wins. And you pay a premium for that.

Indeed. And there is a nice overlap between the Sony systems. An E mount system already has two ways to mount A mount lenses, and it is unlikely it will end there.

What surprises me is how slow Europe and the US are in adopting mirrorless.

Maybe people in Europe and the US don't like the ergonomics of tiny, box-shaped cameras. I can't speak for others, but I like the dslr bodies. I don't want a tiny box. YMMV.

It does vary. I like my Fuji X100 very much, and plan for my next ILC camera to be a NEX. I have no interest in a pure A mount body, although I plan to get a few more A mount lenses.


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