OM-D EM1 All the Bells & Whistles, but no meat?

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Ulfric,  I have had the E-PL1 with Panasonic 20/1.7 for a couple of years now.  Don't own anything else.  But I have compared the studio and in-field sample images from it and the newer PENs and EM-5 on this site and others (notably Imaging Resource which has excellent standardized studio test images).  My unscientific, eyeball opinion is that from ISO 100 through 800 the E-PL1 holds its own quite well against newer models.  Yes, its dynamic range on the white end lacks a stop or two to the newer models but in terms of jpeg (I don't shoot RAW) resolution it's still pretty much equal. Hues/colors from OOC (Out Of Camera) jpegs are also just my taste, that means rather natural, as-is.  But then again any camera's RAW and even jpeg color output can be altered pre- or post-shooting.  Above ISO 800 however the E-PL1's IQ start to suffer in terms of overt noise.  But not horribly.  Still usable for online pic sharing or small prints.  Decent but not great.  The EM-5, for example, excels in lower-light a lot due to its superb 5-axis IS (Image Stabilization), but maybe only at most two stops better than the E-PL1's through ISO 800.  As an amateur, I'm still pleased with the IQ the E-PL1 puts out.  If lottery money comes my way, or I get a raise (dream on!), I wouldn't mind getting an EM-5 or at least E-PM2 (same sensor as the EM-5 but not IS).  Till then the E-PL1 is good enough.  I don't demand excellence.

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