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Re: You get over it!

theswede wrote:

Very emotional, but this is a gear forum. It *is* appropriate to speculate. The Nikon people are wringing their hands over the prospects of a D610 and the Canon folk want to know about their 7D Mk II. So, speculation is normal. But those people don't have a competing mount from within the same company to confuse the issues.

Nikon 1 V1 and Canon EOS M would like to have a word with you.

There is no difference between the situations for Nikon, Canon and Sony. They all have a DSLR mount and a mirrorless mount. They all divide their resources between them.

The only difference is with the pundits who are going chicken little on the A-mount.


No difference?  Get serious.

  1. Canon and Nikon have Large bases that are heavily invested in lenses.
  2. The EOS-M and 1 series are newish with a small base
  3. The EOS-Ms sales are relatively small at this time. And the first iteration was panned.
  4. The 1 series is based on a 1" sensor.  It's not even close on an IQ level. 
  • The NEX camera's can compete with Amounts in terms of IQ
  • The NEX Ecosystem is large and growing
  • The Amount base is small compared to Canon and Nikon
  • Nex Sales are a large chunk of interchangeable lens camera sales for Sony
  • Sony is releasing a Full Frame Nex, whereas the Nikon 1 series has a 1" sensor, and Canon hasn't even released an M that works well.

The V1's IQ is no where near the quality of a DSLR. I bought one for $250 new($900 MSRP).  I gave it to a friend, because I couldn't stand it.

Maybe in 5 years, the EOS M-mounts could cause concerns for Canon users.

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