Overexposed (completely washed out) images on XF1

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Re: Overexposed (completely washed out) images on XF1

Gary52 wrote:

Still traveling and trying to use this camera. Starting today getting a error when the zoom goes beyond a point of Zune past 35. The error says "lens control error". I have now noticed that the lens has a noticeable friction Drag you might feel when zooming back and forth beyond 35. It's a feel you can detect whenrotating the lens. You might say its a rough feel. I'm think it may still be in the lens.

This is really quite strange how our cameras are developing exactly the same issues.

I returned mine to the shop and as soon as they switched it on the "Lens control error" flagged up on the screen. I had never seen that error before they switched in on in the shop.

I also noticed that the image on the screen shook quickly just before the error message appeared.


Anyway, they've sent mine back to Fuji and will let me know my option when Fuji get back to them.

Sorry to hear you're having ongoing issues.


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