Why most everyone choose Nikon for their first dslr?

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yonsarh wrote:

Infact I am one of them.

1. build quality

Canon, Nikon, Pentax, etc. Do you think Nikon's is really noticeably better? The D600 oily shutter rumors actually makes me think they have worse build quality than any competitor.

2. brand

Why would someone choose the brand? Nikon Sounds cooler than Canon? I'm not sure I understand...

3. many options for lenses

For just about any user, I'm not aware of any company that doesn't make enough lenses to satisfy 99% of everyone's needs.

4. mainly for professional or amateur work


5. other

Because that's what was recommended by the salesman!!! Or there Uncle, who's daughter in law has one and he said she really likes it.

If other, please specify thanks.

I actually thought most first time buyers got Canon Rebels, cause they're cheap, and available at Walmart, Target and Fred Meyer.

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