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Thanks for your reply :)

Dennis wrote:

artlmntl wrote:

Very emotional, but this is a gear forum. It *is* appropriate to speculate. The Nikon people are wringing their hands over the prospects of a D610 and the Canon folk want to know about their 7D Mk II. So, speculation is normal. But those people don't have a competing mount from within the same company to confuse the issues.

All true enough. In Nikon world, some have been waiting for the D400 for years and see the lack of DX lenses as a sign that Nikon is abandoning DX. Nobody knows. (Obviously they're not abandoning DX, but these people care about high end stuff; not entry level).

But that's a big different ... there, the speculation is based on the fact that the D300s is over 4 years old, and dedicated DX lineup is full of holes and stale. Here in A mount world, Sony just released a 500/4 and the A58 was only announced half a year ago. Let's just say the speculation is more ... speculative

Questions about A-mount are spawned from the information and lack of same currently available about the future of A-mount cameras.

How so ? Seems it's more like drawing conclusions from possibilities.

Olympus gave up on native 4/3 bodies in favor of a native m43 body with PDAF-on-sensor and an adaptor.

Sony has a FF NEX camcorder that uses Alpha lenses or e-Mount lenses in crop mode.

That points to possibilities, but in no way suggests probabilities.

If Sony planned to continue marketing SLTs, people would be posting their wishes for the next SLTs. But Sony has said, look for an all-mirrorless approach.

Yes, that was obvious from the day they introduced the SLT. It was widely viewed as a kludge - an interim approach until PDAF-on-sensor would enable them to get rid of the light-robbing mirror. If this is your basis for speculating on the demise of A mount, then this is all pure "the sky is falling" stuff.

But wait... NEX is already mirrorless, though it lacks PDAF and IBIS. I don't know what it all means, but there are some logical gaps in what Sony appears to be doing. For NEX shooters, it's all gravy. Use adapter, shoot with lens of choice. Hope for better AF on future releases. For A-mount shooters, it's not so obvious.

You're basically saying that A mount users have reason to be concerned *if* the speculation is valid. Nothing about that suggests that the speculation is valid.

People wonder how this is all going to shake out. It's natural for anyone who looks at this with a critical point of view. The OP's post of a reply from Sony support on his rumor site really proves nothing. The only proof that matters is new gear. Watch what they do, not what they say.

Very little time has passed since there's been new gear. And when new gear does arrive, the Chicken Littles will wonder if it's just the last iteration. If people were to get a signed contract from the CEO of Sony, they'd worry about what happens when he's no longer CEO !

All that said, I do see the eventual end of *native* A mount bodies as a *possibility* (not a likelihood and not soon). But just as you indicated it's "all gravy" to e-mounters, if it does ever happen, I believe it will be just as good for A mounters. I don't think it will happen before PDAF-on-sensor matches what SLTs can do today and a body can be developed that mimics the usability of todays SLT bodies.

Speculation is fun, interesting, informative. Disproportionate worry over unsubstantiated speculation is detrimental.

- Dennis

Yes, I agree with the bulk of this. Personally, when the new gear arrives, if I have not spent my money elsewhere, I will consider it. If I like it, and it's in the budget, I'm buying it. And yes, it does seem to me that Sony may well become e-mount first with adapter support for other mounts.

I also agree about the speculation. It's fun, but it's only speculation. My position is mostly based on the fact that e-mount is already mirrorless, e-mount bodies can support a-mount lenses via adapter, and Sony is fitting e-mount bodies with current APS-C sensors. Also, strong rumors suggest that a NEX FF is in testing.If it emerges, it may change the game.

Again, it seems odd to me that Sony will spend money to build and market A- and E-mount versions of essentially the same cameras, especially when some articles I have seen indicate that e-mount caneras have been a lot more profitable than a-mount cameras. Couple that with the fact that Sony is having financial problems, and you get an interesting situation.

I don't demand agreement and I'm not telling anyone to run away screaming. I am saying, look at that situation. There are some interesting possibilities. But we will have to wait to see what Sony does.

Anyway, thanks for your reply

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