In Defense of the DSLR

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Re: OVF is an ancient relic of film

alexisgreat wrote:

I agree I love EVFs and even liveview. I like seeing all that information because I find that to be an extremely exciting part of photography. I find a plain old optical window to be "boring" and it takes away from the photographic experience for me. I love doing full manual mode just so I can change the settings myself and remember what settings worked for me and I have to confess seeing them change on the screen is pretty exciting. I've used film cameras before and DSLR, and found them much less exciting to use. You learn much more about photography when you see live histograms and what kind of picture you will get in the LCD or EVF- OVF is a step backwards towards film. The film generation holds onto it because it's what's familiar to them, and the megacorporations of Nikon and Canon do what all megacorporations do, they monopolize the same way Intel monopolized the processor market. Real innovation comes from upstarts like Olympus (AMD in the processor market) who push the corrupt big boys to change their ways.

And dont even get me started on the relic of 3:2 sensors that dont fit today's 4:3 digital world.

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Monopolize? Please. Real innovation? Corrupt? What the hell are you talking about? EVF vs. OVF - fine. But the visceral talk is silliness.

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