Coolpix P7800 loses a dial...

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Re: Coolpix P7800 loses a dial...

Tom May wrote:

I'm upgrading a P7000, have a P7800 on preorder with Amazon, so I have more to gain.

By design I suppose, the P7xxx series leads many to the purchase of the D3xxx and D5xxx dslr's by virtue of pricing and sharing of battery and Speedlights. I surely considered that when I purchased the D3200.

My gripe as it were with Nikon is that the Nikon 1 series V models (I have the V1) have yet to fit into that same continuum. Just the mere adaptation of the EN-EL14, Wu-1a WiFi adaptor and standard Speedlights would create an easy transition from the P7xxx, or from the D3xxx D5xxx dslr models with the addition of Ft-1 lens adaptor. Carrying over the control layout of the P7xxx would go a long way to easing the transition to the V series as well.

Ideally, the similar control layouts of the Pxxx, D3xxx, D5xxx, V series and some future fixed lens Pxxx/V 1 inch hybrid would be a large enough ecosystem to increase the "stickiness" of buyer retention and lead to more upscale Dslr and MILC purchase downstream for Nikon.

Tom May

Now that we know the Nikon viewfinder INCLUDES the on-screen info/settings AND we also have the articulated LCD, we now have a camera that bests the Canon in pretty much every respect important to a photographer.

I'm betting the G16 will still be quicker, but neither is fast by any wild stretch. With the P7700 Nikon pulled even and with the P7800 they are now ahead. I'm sure the P7900 and G17 models will be upgrade worth for more recent buyers!


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