Why is Four Thirds format 17.3x13mm instead of 18x13.5mm?

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Re: Retrieving more than the jpeg

Guy Parsons wrote:

dark goob wrote:

So what's the right answer? Is there any way to access the whole sensor from the RAW files, instead of just the 17.3x13mm crop area?

In Silkypix I can Trim to maximum to include those parts of the RAW image that never get to the default jpeg, here's a Panasionic LX3 16:9 RAW (it was handy) with the maximum trim turned on and it shows the bottom right corner at 100% and the greyed image is the extra that I can add to make a truly full sized jpeg. A useful bit extra that might just sneak in an accidentally chopped elbow or something.

Well, but the LX3 is not a FourThirds camera. However this is an interesting tip! I will investigate if the DMC-GF2 RAW files allow this extra image area recovery in SilkyPix, since I do have access to one of those. I wish I had a full version of SilkyPix to try this with Olympus cameras.

I heard the open-source command line utility DCRaw can recover extra "non-imaging" pixels out of .ORF files but I have not gotten around to trying it.

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