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artlmntl wrote:

leonche64 wrote:

Sony NEVER said they were not going to make more A-mount cameras. Just some dudes on a website said it. I will repeat that, because it bears repeating. Some dudes on a website. Not Sony reps, employees, janitors, nothing. Not in anyway in the know. They have pulled a real good Tom Sawyer. Even now, after we have word from the company, they come with the "that's not what it really means" statements. The delusional grandeur of some is truly astounding. You are just some dude. You made it up. Your evidence is inadmissible. You have no pattern of which to refer, nor a motive. It is not even hearsay because no one said it. You made it up. You are dismissed. Now go outside and take some photos with your Canon, because there is no way you own a Sony.

Very emotional, but this is a gear forum. It *is* appropriate to speculate. The Nikon people are wringing their hands over the prospects of a D610 and the Canon folk want to know about their 7D Mk II. So, speculation is normal. But those people don't have a competing mount from within the same company to confuse the issues.

I am actually in good humor, not emotional at all. But the written word does not always convey that. I have no idea about the Nikon and Cannon folk. Not interested, not affected.

Questions about A-mount are spawned from the information and lack of same currently available about the future of A-mount cameras. If Sony planned to continue marketing SLTs, people would be posting their wishes for the next SLTs. But Sony has said, look for an all-mirrorless approach.

If a discussion is conducted as information gathering that is perfectly fine. That is not the discussion to which what I was referring. I was referring to the proclamations and dissemination of doom.

But wait... NEX is already mirrorless, though it lacks PDAF and IBIS. I don't know what it all means, but there are some logical gaps in what Sony appears to be doing. For NEX shooters, it's all gravy. Use adapter, shoot with lens of choice. Hope for better AF on future releases. For A-mount shooters, it's not so obvious.

Not so obvious, so sit down and wait.

When the gap between A700 and A77 was four years, Sony wasn't going on a binge to fill out the e-mount line. The e-mounts weren't getting the latest APS-C sensors and there was no talk of a FF NEX.

Has nothing to do with anything A-mount. Want to shoot NEX? Shoot NEX. History remains the same. Toyota makes the Lexus LS and the Corolla.

People wonder how this is all going to shake out. It's natural for anyone who looks at this with a critical point of view. The OP's post of a reply from Sony support on his rumor site really proves nothing. The only proof that matters is new gear. Watch what they do, not what they say.

"And another champion has taken up the banner"

As for your spurious claim that the people posting here questioning the future of A-mount don't own Sony cameras, that's silly. But it is possible, even likely, that some of us will simply decide to go somewhere else when it's time to upgrade. If enough of us do that, it's true, A-mount will no longer matter.

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