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As much as it pains me to say it, it shouldn't be the guys with all the formulas, graphs, charts, etc.

All of that has more to do with picking a camera than taking a picture.

...some of the "guys with all the formulas, graphs, charts, etc." also have some knowledge about the artistic side of photography? Why do so many assume the two are mutually exclusive?

I'm thinking the best person for the job is the person who is best able to communicate the ideas of both the artistic and the technical to students who are there to learn.

Maybe we should have a contests, the self-identified craftsmen/technical guys vs the artists. I know I'd route for the former.

Again, you presume the two to be mutually exclusive. Do you mean to have a contest between artistically challenged technically competent photographer and technically incompetent artists? What would be the point?

No, I don't. That's why I said "self-identified". Which do you identify with more? It it's equal, I guess you can't compete.

You know, I don't really think of it as artistic vs technical but artistic and technical.

BTW, I'm a formulas, graphs, charts guy myself, to the nth degree. I just don't know how well I would do at teaching an artistic pursuit. I'm a purely hard science guy, so I know how tough it is to relate to, how should I put it, the 99% who aren't scientifically inclined.

Let's see if I can't make my position crystal clear. I take a brilliant photo at 50mm f/2.8 1/100 ISO 400 on FF with a prime. If I have instead taken that photo, which we have agreed was brilliant, at 25mm f/5.6 1/200 ISO 3200 on mFT with a zoom, would my photo be any less brilliant?

You're a little defensive about this me thinks, because I'm on your side actually.

I know you're on my "side" in this discussion, but I don't think you know the extent of what my "side" really is.

But you have to admit there's a certain subset that just wants to focus on the entirely artistic aspect and doesn't want to hear much about anything else.

I'll more than admit it -- I'll proclaim it!

For such people, a basic, if potentially incorrect explanation of the technicals is enough. They just want to shoot.

Some are like religious nutters -- they want some kind of framework that makes the universe make sense to them, and just want the easy "explanation" because the correct explanation is too much for them.

Others simply do not care.  They know how to use the camera to get the photos they want, and all this technical mumbo-jumbo for that little bit extra is really just not worth the effort.  Think jpg vs RAW, for example.

I would think such people would be more prevalent with hands on instruction (i.e. not online) than they would be here.

The whole point of the poll was about teaching not doing. And I took that to mean hands-on instruction.

A teacher has a room full of students who want to learn, either because they're interested in the subject or they have to know it for what they want to do.  DPR, not so much -- even less so for threads like these.

p.s. Is this jump on BB day or something?

Was that today? Dammit! Someone should have told me -- I could have gotten a few more kicks in!

Lesson learned. Don't participate in poll unless you have everything precisely defined.

Actually, the lesson "should be" just have fun.  If you happen to learn something, excellent, but rest assured, that happened by accident. 

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