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skp13 wrote:

Hi everyone,
I am planning to move on from my P&S to a DSLR. My budget is within $800. A few questions:

1)Nikon or Canon? To make my life easier I haven't looked at other brands but suggestions are welcome

I'm a Canonist since long time, but I would say that both Canon and Nikon makes really good cameras and lenses. I would suggest you to go to a shop and try to hold the different cameras and see which one feels better in your hands.

2) What lens/lenses? Are the kit lenses good or should I go for body only and buy lens separately?

If you are a beginner start with the kit lens, it's not the best one, but it's not much more than the body only and does its job. Then, when you understand which kind of lens you really need, you can buy a good one.

I travel quite a bit so I'm primarily interested in capturing landscape (including distant scenery like mountains) with and without people in the foreground and architecture. Would also like to do low light photography like nightscapes and indoor shots so low noise at high ISO is required. Not really interested in videography or macro photography.

Now, I realize that at this point probably any brand of DSLR would serve my purpose. But assuming that I develop the skills, in future I would add a lens or two to the camera. Both Nikon and Canon make excellent lenses but is it true Nikon ones are expensive compared to equivalent Canon ones? If yes then it would affect what I buy now.

They're both quite expensive... maybe Nikon a bit more, but for Nikon you can still buy at good prices high quality second hand manual lenses, and this can compensate a bit.

I would like some opinions on the above points.

Thanks in advance!

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