Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

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Straw man argument

liquid stereo wrote:

JohnBee wrote:

Caught this from the Sony Alpha Rumors website this morning:

Thank you for contacting Sony Support. I understand that your concern is regarding the A-mount being replaced by the E-mount system. The A-mount units have always been the flagship ever since the release of the very first Sony Alpha camera. Much like the Single Lens Translucent (SLT) technology, the E-mount system is an innovation, introduced to further expand our interchangeable lens line, and in no way a replacement for the A-mount system. Rest assured thatwe will further develop the A-mount system together with the E-mount, introducing new technology and upgrading features. We will continue to expand our lens and accessory selection, as well as better the functions of the cameras to adapt to our customers growing needs and wants. We currently do not have advanced information on the release of cameras, lenses and accessories, as well as software and firmware updates. Sony Electronics only releases full product and support information at the same time it is officially released to the marketplace by our Marketing Department. However, some limited advanced information is often published in various magazine articles. You may also check the Sony Support and Sony Store website below for news and updates in the future.

Official newsbit

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This is where I'd normally write an impressive summary of my skills and proficiencies.

What makes me think this is b.s. - "You may also check the Sony Support and Sony Store website below for news and updates in the future."

The Sony Store website is oftentimes months out-of-date.

But it doesn't matter. I cannot imagine Sony abandoning the A-mount. I.e. the lenses will be usable and that is all that really matters. (All other concerns will be taken care of. They won't cancel the traditional A-mount cameras and replace them with a lower-performing A-E hybrid.)

Or, consider this... Imagine if Sony said the opposite. Suppose they said "There is no replacement for the A-mount system. We will not further development the A-mount system."

You can't consider that because they didn't say it.  It's a straw man argument (or false premise if you prefer) to argue against something by making up a fictitious position.

Sony just said the A mount will continue to be developed and you either take that as the truth of the matter or have some actual evidence as to why it is false and straw man arguments are not evidence.

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