So buy the Sony already!

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Re: So buy the Sony already!

Fuji is not part of the 4/3 system.  So there are always limitations to the functionality of a camera when used with non-coupled lenses.  I shot for years with Canon 5D's and eventually mark ii's.  I loved using my old Leica R lenses on the bodies and had amazing results.  But if I wanted accurate metering I had to break out the old Minolta IV and meter manually or I ended up with over or under exposed images, that is unless I shot with the lens in its native aperture or wanted to carry a pen and paper so that I could compensate for the exposure.  That is just the nature of using non coupled lenses on an electronic camera body.  That is until more lens makers decide to build lenses for the X system.  So far only Zeiss has committed themselves.

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