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Re: Get over it

Marco Cinnirella wrote:

Nate Dogg wrote:

It's so interesting to me that some folks are more interested in conspiracy theories about their cameras than actually using them. Instead of worrying about what may happen some day, why don't you go out and enjoy /take some photos with what you already have, so we can talk about that instead.

Either get over it or switch to a different system.

Your sentiment has merit, although I can understand anxiety to an extent when folks may have invested $1000s in lenses and accessories and then feel unsure if they will continue to be supported by compatible cameras.

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"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence." Ansell Adams.

I am in total agreement with Nate Dogg. People feel anxiety because they choose to create their own reality rather than share the one the rest of us live in. I have followed 2 threads closely for the last week or so. All about how "the end is neigh" for the A-mount. I was seriously wondering where all that was coming from. Surely not people that had invested $1,000s in the system. That would imply a certain about of time on deck which would have infused historical markers from which to draw conclusions, not just from thin air. For example, the time difference between the KM-A7D and the A700 was 4 years. The gap between the A700 and the A77 was 4 years, and today the question is where is a replacement for the 7series? See where I am going?

(Not directed at Marco)

Sony NEVER said they were not going to make more A-mount cameras. Just some dudes on a website said it. I will repeat that, because it bears repeating. Some dudes on a website. Not Sony reps, employees, janitors, nothing. Not in anyway in the know. They have pulled a real good Tom Sawyer. Even now, after we have  word from the company, they come with the "that's not what it really means" statements. The delusional grandeur of some is truly astounding. You are just some dude. You made it up. Your evidence is inadmissible. You have no pattern of which to refer,  nor a motive. It is not even hearsay because no one said it. You made it up. You are dismissed. Now go outside and take some photos with your Canon, because there is no way you own a Sony.

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