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Re: What a load

marvin t martian wrote:

What a load of hooey.

I gave examples. Would you care to refute them?

Well -- I'd prefer you came up with better ones, but okay!

M4/3 has shutter shock.

And DSLRs have mirror slap. But just as they have mirror lockup, MFT has an antishock delay option. Anyway, can you prove without a doubt that MFT shutter shock is worse? I have never noticed its effect in my photos, and I don't use the delay.

Olympus m4/3 has horrific IS in all but its 5-axis IBIS models.

Sorry, this is a "serious problem" that makes MFT "a disappointment"? What do you consider any camera without IBIS of any kind -- a Shakespearean tragedy?

Panasonic m4/3 has issues with record histograms.

Again, "a serious problem"? You're really reaching here.

Fuji X and the Canon M have bad AF performance.

Yes. It's true. And yet many, many people really love the X system. So for them, it's obviously not a serious problem. (Everyone knows the Canon M is a joke at anything but its recent firesale prices.)

Nikon 1 is overpriced and has a small sensor.

It may be overpriced, but it's a great camera for what it is. Small, excellent AF, and still massively better IQ than any compact.

NEX has the level of durability expected from Sony. Etc.

I'd say NEX's bigger problem is its poor lens selection and bad UX. But since you're pulling stuff out of your backside, whatever, we'll go with this.

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