Why Thom is wrong...

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Re: Why Richard is wrong...

DT200 wrote:

They are more common in the cheaper entry level DSLRs.

Other than some defective hinge pins in early Canon 300D's and some bad glue on some 5D's, I've not heard of many problems -- even among heavy users with 10's of thousands of cycles. Shutter problems are far more common and focal plane shutters are common to both designs.

They still are becoming needless mechanical parts that cause vibration, need adjustment, take up space, etc.

Just like EVF's are needless electronic parts that eat power, cannot be color calibrated, have flicker/tearing/lag, etc.

Maybe today but not for long.

The big question is how long is not long?

EVFs don't need as much assembly and don't need humans to adjust them.

Where does this come from? You've seen an EVF assembly facility?  Most of this work is simply done by the EVF subcontractor and not the body builder.

Anyway, despite what old people say, just like the physical keys on cell phones, mirrors are going away.

I agree that it's likely that one day the percentages will be reversed and only 20% of the ILCs with eye level finders will have mirrors and 80% will have EVFs.   But I also suspect that day may be further off than you think and it's not going to come via increased market share by the other camera makers.

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