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OP Richard Veteran Member • Posts: 4,858
DSLR, pure poetry

When something comes out and is even better,

The old unravels like a cheap sweater,

But thats just not the case for the current mirrorless,

Its number of advantages are on the short list,

But if small size is your photographic bliss

Then go and buy the toy that many can't resist.

Written on the internet wide and far

Pros only buy the digital SLR

It's just a fact

You cannot deny that

And anyone that needs quality will always switch back.

tbcass wrote:

Richard wrote:

And Mirrorless is dead. Now before you go getting emotional, ponder the logic.

Mirrorless does have certain advantages, mainly simplicity. Let's face it, the flipping mirror is a crude and complex holdover from the analog days. The only advantages the mirror gives is in the optical viewfinder so for now it remains an advantage for some, and in longer battery life. In the future however when EVFs match OVFs and the OVF advocates fade away the DSLR will nearly disappear because the customer base will be too small to support it. It will become a high priced niche product like analog audio is today.

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