Why Thom is wrong...

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Re: Why Richard is wrong...

Erik Magnuson wrote:

DT200 wrote:

..and a lot of extra parts that can break

Mirror mechanism failures in DSLRs are quite rare.

They are more common in the cheaper entry level DSLRs.  They still are becoming needless mechanical parts that cause vibration, need adjustment, take up space, etc.

and have to be adjusted

This is the biggest issue.

and that add extra weight and cost.

Not much weight to a pentamirror or the moving mirror.

Pentamirror?  The OVFs people want are PentaPrisms.  Pentamirrors are like looking down a long dark tunnel .

And since right now anything with a decent EVF costs *more* than a number of DSLRs, asserting cost savings is not well supported.

Maybe today but not for long.  EVFs don't need as much assembly and don't need humans to adjust them.  I doubt most EVFs cost more than a PentaPrism, all the extra moving parts, sensors, and VF, and in a few years EVFs will be even cheaper.

Anyway, despite what old people say, just like the physical keys on cell phones, mirrors are going away.

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