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Re: One thing appears obvious though...

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

4thnebula wrote:

Sony is expending most of its current energy, time and cost on the E-Mount system. This makes sense in that the E-Mount system does need to be brought up to full potential and soon if Sony wants to stay competitive. That means one, or more, FF E-Mount cameras, more better lenses for E-Mount.

However, another way to look at it is that Sony has not been bringing out any A-Mount camera body replacements other than the a58. An example would be no a79 (not even announced) so far.

Last major launch in terms of body was NEX-5R/6 and A99. The inexpensive models (3N, A58 and now A3000) are basically entry level options and in fact tied together. I don't see any reason to count 5T as a new launch.

And replacing A-mount bodies will be a greater challenge, especially if the idea is to make it mirror-less. Expectations are lower with E-mount, and even lower with entry level models like A3000. Even with long awaited NEX-7 replacement, the expectations will be different than for an A77 replacement in a key area: AF performance.

Now, if Sony were to simply continue with mirror versus mirror-less approach, then you'd have a point. And if Sony is only a few months away from mirror-less system that can match mirrored approach, then again, launching a stop-gap solution won't be a good idea either and especially with rumor driven customers.

To 4thnebula:

I really don't understand why Sony would already announce an A7x successor now, before achieving profitability of the A77 at his best, and before it's sold out?

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