Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

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Why Sony will continue the A-mount

Firstly, ignore the 'official' statement referred to by the OP. That statements is of the "As far as I know.." kind and not even a "We currently intend to  ... (but may change our mind later)" type of official statement.

Sony needs to have a professional camera range if it is considered a major player in the digital still camera world. This is important as a matter of prestige which may be more important to management than making money - an attitude that recently frustrated a noted US investment capitalist. Their video camera line shows that Sony can be a market leader in the imaging field.

The A-mount provides a better balance with larger hand-held lenses and provides a better flange distance for telephoto lenses (without an adapter). The larger DSLR style body allows for more direct external controls. Some professionals prefer the smaller range-finder style body, and Sony will cater for them also, but if the DSLR A-Mount is not provided many of the great photographers of the future will simple choose another brand and the aspiring photographer will see what they are using and buy in to that brand.

I don't see the A3000 as a signpost to the future, but rather as a probe to see if they can gain more ground in the Canikon dominated entry level DSLR market.

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