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Re: Putting It Into Perspective...

aman74 wrote:

DMillier wrote:

Hi Lin

Heartfelt post for sure, you make it eloquently clear what your views are. And in many cases I agree with you.

But...there is a problem. Hypocrisy.

Yep, and of course he/she hasn't come back to this thread...

I own a DP2M, but I'm actually more often in agreement with the "problem posters" in this forum. Why? Because the people with the dissenting opinions about the technical side of the equation are almost always the more well-informed and technically astute posters. Wonder why that is? I imagine because photo gear, for a lot of people, is much like religion. They just believe and don't care to dig deeper.

How much deeper can you dig with the reality of the device? The reality of a book written thousands of years ago, sure, there are rich depths to dig, but a device that does what it does and doesn't do what it doesn't do, well, that's a different story.

I don't mind people who post their problems with Sigma equipment, but it's become an old yarn that some people continually tug at.  That gets old, and some of us have been around long enough to just not participate (me, for instance).

I never understand anyone who take exception to a negative opinion about an inanimate object, like a camera. They feel their own self is being attacked. Truly sad.

Hmm... Well, there is quite a bit of ad hominem engaged in on this forum, however.

The "problems" with Foveon are well known and undeniable. I just happen to like it's "problems" better than Bayer sensor's "problems". Though, as MP's go up, this will probably shift back the other way.

The biggest joke on this forum I see is when folks delude themselves that positives are negatives. How the lack of high ISO capability and speed forces them to slow down. This may very well be true, but it is NOT a virtue of the technology. It's the users own lack of discipline. Would I like a Foveon that behaves like most other modern cameras from a speed/feature/ISO perspective? You bet your ass. Do I sometimes benefit creatively from the limits of technology? Yes, but that's not a "feature". Some people are a bit much.

I guess I'm a Sigma user who doesn't turn negatives to positives.  For that I rely on other cameras for video and low-light.

That said, I think what experienced Sigma users like to point out how you can still use Sigma cameras in challenging situations with a bit of education and tweaking.  I've gotten pretty good low-light results by decreasing exposure to match to the ambient feel of a situation.  Oops!  There I go trying to turn a negative to a positive!


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