Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

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Some truth but...

Marco Cinnirella wrote:

Interesting, thanks for posting this.

Someone on the SAR web site, in one of the comments, made what I thought was an intriguing point. In Social Psychology we talk about a phenomenon known as "when belief creates reality". An example would be something like this: we go to a party expecting a certain person to be shy and unfriendly. These expectations we have create subtle biases in the way we respond to that person (i body language for example) and the way we process that persons actions and remember them. Lo and behold we indeed find that person to be shy and unfriendly. Yet we remain oblivious to the fact that we played a part in making our belief create the reality - the other person picked up our non-verbal and other cues, which would be cold because we expected him to beunfriendly, this makes him respond in an unfriendly way, etc., etc. It happens in all sorts of areas of life.

What's this got to do with the issue at hand? Well one poster on the SAR thread made the point that if we all go around singing doom and gloom about the future of the alpha mount, this might (a) detract new potential converts to the mount and (b) create a degree of panic amongst a mount users that might make some defect. The rather ironic net result of all this could be a defection of folks from the a mount that might ultimatey lead Sony to wish to stop supporting it, even if at present they had no intention to do so. So you see, another ezample of the belief eventually creating the reality. Interesting !

Consider that DSLR/DSLT sales are pretty poor. Amongst all camera makers. It makes no sense for Sony to support two systems, two mounts, etc., when they're competing against the monolithic CN. Economies of scale, dilution of marketing and brand specification doesn't work in their favor. Unless the two mounts are viewed as a continuous spectrum.

So yes - there is the self-fullfilling stuff. But there's also some reality at play.

The best example, in my opinion, is 4/3rds and Micro 4/3rds. Who announced the death/end of 4/3rds? No one, except for the lack of product.


p.s. its also wise to not over-estimate the effect of internet-sourpusses.

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