Who should teach photography?

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Re: Who should teach photography?

Art cannot be taught in courses, there is no guarantee that an art student will produce great art upon finishing a course, it's a hit and miss, so it makes no economic sense to teach art. Artists will develop themselves if it comes naturally to them.

The technological aspects of photography can be taught quite reliably and if someone successfully finishes a technical course then it is 100% guaranteed that they will be able to take pictures at the technical quality they were taught. We should focus in the transmission of technical knowledge because we can control it. Definitely photography should be taught by scientists and technicians, because every dollar spent on training will produce results.

I also don't understand why many art courses insist on things like the rule of thirds: who said the rule of thirds makes more interesting pictures? The highest resolution of all lenses is in their center so it makes scientific sense to put your subject on the center if you want maximum sharpness. If you use the rule of thirds to make the image "artistic" then you lose some resolution.

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