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Re: Missing the Point

jim stirling wrote:

Sergey Borachev wrote:

Landscapephoto99 wrote:

Yes, but this is cherry picking results in your comparison of the E-M5 and the D800. Compare ISO 3200 E-M5 to ISO 12,800 on Imaging Resources. The E-M5 image is much better. And there are other examples like this for color depth and DR. I would give the D800 a 1 1/2 stop advantage.

That means that if the E-M1 is at least a half stop better than the E-M5, we are back to just a ~1 stop advantage for FF in everything except size of file. Hopefully, removing the AA filter will improve resolution a bit in the E-M1, but I'm getting huge prints out of my E-M5 so no complaints there.

Again, I'm not saying that FF is not better, just that the assuming everyone keeps up with technology that the differences will be less and less important. A 1 stop advantage is a huge difference when there are only 5 stops. It is not such a big difference when were are looking at 11.5 or 12 stops. On the other hand, size doesn't change. FF lenses will always be huge.

Good point about keeping up with technology. Remember how long people waited for their D700 and 5D Mk2 to be updated? Must be 6 or 7 years.

The D800 was announced just over 3 1/2 yrs after the D700 { July 2008 VS Feb 2012} .The 5Dmk2 came out on the 17th Sep 2008 the 5DmkIII came out in 2 Mar 2012 again arround 3 1/2 year mark not quite the 6-7 yrs you suggest,

OK, you are right, and it was exaggerated and wrong, but FF cameras do have a longer update cycle and as a result can fall behind when technology improves quickly as in sensors.  The exaggeration is no more than what many DSLR owners have made about the massive advantage in IQ that their cameras have.   

The next OM-D model planned for release in early 2014 will have a new sensor again and better IQ, which will make FF IQ advantage less again.

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