So buy the Sony already!

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Re: So buy the Sony already!

Keit ll wrote:

I have taken the OP's advice & bought a Sony Surely one of the main purposes of these forums is to have a free & frank exchange of opinions or are they just intended to be a free advert for various manufacturers & a soothing balm to reassure buyers that they have made the right decision ?

What is more likely to urge makers to improve their products , outright unqualified praise or a few suggestions that matters could be improved ? Competition brings about improvements & should be encouraged.

Good for go over to Sony's area and complain all you want over there!  I am fine if you want to tell Fuji how they can improve their product, but comparing it to another brand is like comparing an apple to an orange.   I DON"T WANT A CAMERA THAT IS LIKE THE SONY NEX, or I would have purchased the NEX.  Also, why don't you write Fuji directly if you have so many complaints!  Good Grief.  I can't hardly stand reading the posts on this website because of all of the complaining.  Even worse is the "mine's bigger than yours" crowd.  So darned insecure about their purchases that they have to spend their time berating my purchases.  Get over it.  If you bought the Sony, then go to work with it and start posting photos!

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