So buy the Sony already!

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Re: So buy the Sony already!

Fuji was very obviously trying to make a camera that would appeal to purists [like myself], who would love to buy a Leica M and return to the joy of photography without all of the beeps and lights.  Most of us can not afford a Leica, and sadly the Fuji is not a Leica.  The layout is very traditional, aperture on the lens, shutter dial on top etc. But the camera relies on "electronics" to perform the manual functions of the Leica.  That being said, Fuji did a darn good job of making a camera that turns out results that are extremely pleasing for a fraction of the cost.  The 35mm is stellar, though it is definitely NOT a Leica 50mm Summicron.  But since I can not afford the "M" or the 50mm Leica offering, I will take what I can get in the Fuji, AND NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT IT!

My point is, the Fuji is not intended to be a Sony NEX.  If that is the system that appeals to you...then by all means buy one.  But don't go all "mine is bigger than yours" on me, because I chose the Fuji system.

Just like every other camera manufacturer, some of Fuji's lenses are better than others.  But on the whole, Fuji lenses are extremely nice.  I read in the DP Review of the 55-200 for example, that the lens was Larger and more expensive then it's Sony and Oly counterparts.  Well "DUH" it also has a larger starting aperture and better out of focus rendering.  Once again Fuji was placating to my kind of photography.  I read recently that they are coming out with a cheaper version of that lens, more akin to the Sony offering.  I say good on them if that is what sells and pays the bills, but as for me I am totally happy with my purchase and I don't need to head on over to the Sony side and moan and complain about how superior the Fuji bokeh is.  The Sony offering is smaller and lighter and MUCH less money.  If that appeals to you, then wait for the Fuji counterpart, or once again...go buy the Sony.  It's apples to oranges!

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