Why most everyone choose Nikon for their first dslr?

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Re: They don't!

brianric wrote:

Started out on Canon Digital Rebel, as it was first DSLR for under $1,000. I had the 1 D2 & 3. The 1D3 spent a few trips to Canon for repairs. When the 5D2 came out with the same crappy focusing system as the 5D, I bought a D700. Liked it so much bought a second D700 and unloaded all my Canon gear, which at the time was four Canon DSLRs (I did own six), and 12 "L" series lenses. I'm now getting an Olympus M1. If it lives up to its hype I see myself unloading half my Nikon gear.

Yes, I was using Nikon then a staff job gave me Canons which I had all kinds of issues with. When I went freelance I did exactly the same and got a few D700's. And to this day you could count on a few fingers how many firmware upgrades they've had which kind of signals 'how right' Nikon got this camera first time round.

You will always see plenty of white lenses around. Canon have excellent lenses. Shame about the bodies though.

Also worth noting is that Nikon flash is streets ahead of Canon.


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