Interview with Tereda and other Olympus staff

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Re: and for men who shared qualities with women

dennis tennis wrote:

specifically middle aged men who behave as if they are young women:

prefering small, light, shiny cameras that matches their man-purses.

These things happen, nothing wrong with it.

Embrace the change, buy a yellow VW bug, or Mini convertible, and get yourself a pair of aqua-marine skin tight, low cut pants

I believe that in Asia those "middle aged men" would be referred to as what they are - "older men", if not simply "old men".

Women with low income, yep, means if you ladies want to look higher class and better off, then you should be a able to afford Olympus cameras, just like that LV handbag or Armani dress. It might actually work and prompt them to buy the expensive cameras to look good, rather than the entry level DSLRs with a zoom that everybody has. Brand affixation is alive over there too, but the way the message is delivered can be quite different.

There is definitely a cultural difference here.

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