Why most everyone choose Nikon for their first dslr?

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Re: Why most everyone choose Nikon for their first dslr?

harrygilbert wrote:

The factors you cite above are EXACTLY why I chose Canon. At just about every sports event, I see a sea of white lenses. When they show politicos on TV, it seems that a majority of photo journalists have Canons. When I go to photograph wildlife, Canon predominates among the "serious" photographers. The majority of Nikons I see are mid-level "prosumer" cameras owned by amateurs. And three other factors drove me to choose Canon over Nikon:

1. Ergonomics in the Canon, especially the menu system, seemed more logical to me than Nikon's (what do I know; I'm only an industrial engineer trained in ergonomics).

2. Canon's support far exceeded that provided by Nikon, when I helped a friend solve a technical problem with his Nikon, while Canon has a help line with a human (!) who answered all my questions when I called; to download camera manuals when doing pre-purchase research, Nikon required a serial number, while Canon offered no hindrance. When I bought a Nikon film scanner (Coolscan 5000), the Nikon software sucked, and Nikon was unable to resolve problems -- I had to purchase 3rd party software.

3. Canon provides free post-processing software with their cameras.

Just my 2 cents.

I chose Canon EOS 60D as my first DSLR after I asked a girl on YouTube what camera she used to make a video of her belly-dancing to metal music, as she had the best quality video among all other belly dancers and industrial/EBM dancers on YouTube. She told me she had used a Canon Rebel DSLR, so I immediately went to a shop and bought a Rebel (600D). It had a very small grip for my hands though, its ergonomics sucked, it was as if it was designed for people with very small hands. So, I returned it to the shop and got the bigger model, the 60D, which I still happily use. Afterwards, I got a Sony NEX-F3 with a fisheye for spy photography, a Canon SX50 superzoom (1200mm equivalent!) for the same reason, and a used Canon 5D MkI (the Classic) for full-frame lenses.

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