Who should teach photography?

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Might not be very educational (outside of their own limited scenarios) ...

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As much as it pains me to say it, it shouldn't be the guys with all the formulas, graphs, charts, etc.

All of that has more to do with picking a camera than taking a picture.

...some of the "guys with all the formulas, graphs, charts, etc." also have some knowledge about the artistic side of photography? Why do so many assume the two are mutually exclusive?

I'm thinking the best person for the job is the person who is best able to communicate the ideas of both the artistic and the technical to students who are there to learn.

I'd argue that as far as photography forums that's often(not always of course) not those who like to post excessive "formulas, graphs, charts".

Always amusing when people use the term "excessive" as if such determinations were some globally accepted and universally obvious objective standard. We live in an age where folks throw around terms like "misuse", "abuse", and "addiction" as strategic perjoratives in order to question the "soundness of mind" of others. Yet, it is the self-appointed "nannies" who are the sickest.

Every forum seems to have a few of these guys who constantly butt heads on extremely indepth technical details in threads originally started by a beginner who'se question they've long since forgotten. Even when they do actually answer beginners questions there answers tend to be unhelpfully long winded because they fear a "rival" will challenge them if they offer any forum of simplified answer tailored to the knowledge of the beginner.

Seems no common denominator in terms of complexity quite low enough to "please everyone". The desire to understand technical subjects via tasty little painless crumpets is endemic.

The greater our knowledge increases, the greater our ignorance unfolds.
- John F. Kennedy

Equally while its obviously true that technical knowledge doesn't preclude artistic ability its also true that the latter doesn't automatically justify the need for all of the former. Its perfectly possible for a good photographer to pickup and debate knowledge that's not helpful to his own or others photography.

People who can explain the "hows" (control-settings, etc.) of what they do without themselves understanding the underlying "whys" relating to what they do tend to be lost outside of their own particular areas of practiced applications. Seems to me like a real limitation.

DM ...

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