Interview with Tereda and other Olympus staff

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Re: Designed for women

MichaelKJ wrote:

If targeting young women and relying on word of mouth constitute the core of Oly's marketing strategy then we can only hope they succeed despite managerial incompetence.

Sums it up:  they succeed in spite of themselves.

On one hand they have this wonderful core group of designers and engineers working in the background developing some truly wonderful products well ahead of their time, while their spokespeople and marketers (I hesitate to even use the word here) are frankly completely out of touch with how best to promote their products in the west.

I find the E-PL5 deserving of a design award purely based upon its sleek and elegant form combined with the quality of images it produces.  Joy to me is handling such a well designed product knowing it also functions at a very high level.  To then have spokespeople say it's aimed at teenage girls, welll, OMG, are they babes lost in the woods.

Same applies to the E-M5, which took the market by storm based on the magic of packing full features and then some (5-axis IBIS) in a playful re-creation of the classic OM body style at a smaller size.  Combine it with jewel-like fast primes, and many found it a camera they had to have, abandoning their big, black DSLR's in the process.

The new E-M1 raised the bar again, maybe not in such a tour de force right out of the gate, but by refining features and allowing better access to 4/3's lenses in a pro-build body, opening a whole new door for high-end  enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Going by these forums, the target audience is not women, but mostly 30+ men with a lot of experience in photography and a taste for leading edge design/technology.  Their products fit this group perfectly.  I can only wonder if as a corporation they are simply blind to this.

Imagine Olympus with a western savvy marketing plan and managerial direction.

They got caught with their pants down once by a western CEO, Woodford, who for no fault of his own exposed their $1.7 billion accounting fraud.  Well, now that that's behind them, instead of shooting the messenger and burying their heads in hidebound Japanese corporate cultural traditions, they need to look outside again for direction that understands their international market.

A very telling interview indeed.

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