I've given up on the Fuji X100s.

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Re: As long as YOU made the right choice...

David Hardaway wrote:

Eos m turned out to be a real gem. Look at the forum... tons of different people posting really outstanding images. No detail smear or color bleed or funky skin tones that look waxy

EOS M...a real gem!!! Now you got me. I've been a Canon users since 2007 first with a TXi, then a 5D2 and now with a T4i. When I decided that the 5D2 was too big and heavy, I bought a smaller T4i and waited for the EOS-M since I also wanted a small mirror less.  When the EOS M came out, I tried it at a shop and it was so bad that it drove me to first get a Sony NEX-7 and now a X100s.  The reasons why Canon can have "tons of different people...." posting pictures (outstanding is your conclusion) is that Canon has millions of users.  Most who also wanted a mirror less was probably like me and waited for the Canon mirror less, but unlike me, many bought one.  Canon has stopped producing EOS-M and has not even hinted about a replacement.

BTW: I have used the xtrans sensor for only a week.  So far no green smear. I use LR4.4. But only time will tell if the problem shows up for me.

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