Warning: A3000 emits a fake shutter sound that can't be disabled

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OK Let's clear up a few things: There is no fake shutter sound on any of the NEX cameras.

Do you think this experiment is a confabulation? :



I've looked back on previous threads WRT fake-sounding first curtain shutter noise from the NEX-3N.



It is possible that the 3N (and presumably now the A3000, another cheap model) do not have a mechanical shutter at all.

Hence the false-sounding simulated shutter noise coming from the speaker.

No one has come up with a purely electronic still camera shutter, yet (it will be big news when they do). It has to be mechanical.

As another poster already pointed out, Nikon's 1 System has the option of completely silent operation on the V1 and V2 (which also have normal focal plane shutters which can be used as an option instead, with the usual - but actually rather subdued - sound). The Nikon 1 J and S models actually do not have mechanical shutters at all (though as they come out of the box, they play a sound file). Once that's disabled in the menu, they are silent. These are not yet true "global" electronic shutters, as they scan, but they don't have a physical shutter at all. That system's lenses have a rudimentary shutter mechanism but it is not used in exposure, just as a light-proofing measure when they are powered off.

Recent Panasonic models also have scanning electronic shutter options (silent) such as the GX7 - with limitations (no flash for example) but the limitations are getting less with each model release.

Oh, and the Pentax Q cameras use an in-lens leaf shutter which can be set to be disabled in "proper" lenses and a scanning electronic shutter used in its place (with a ridiculously slow flash sync speed as the main downside). This operation has to be used with their Toy lens series as those have no in-lens shutter.

This has been quite difficult to unearth but it now seems that the J1 model which you referenced above (and I just bought) does indeed have a mechanical shutter which can be disabled in the menu. Then the electronic shutter allows operation of up to 60 fps in still mode. And yes the silent mode can be engaged, it seems.

Weird as it may seem, the J1 doesn't have a mechanical shutter at all, I'm afraid (and there is no menu item for disabling it) - but all of what you say does apply to the V1. It's purely a sound file that you can disable in the menu for the J1 (and J2, J3 and S1). Another rather intriguing oddity of the J and S models is that they don't have the typical vibrating anti-dust filter on the sensor (the V1 and V2 however, do), but instead have a glass plate just inside the lens mount, which effectively blocks the ingress of dust and is far enough away from the sensor that any dust on it cannot show, even at small apertures. Because this plate is not removable for cleaning, it's just as well there is no mechanical shutter as it would probably cause particles to end up on the inside of the glass plate via its movement.

I have a J1 and a V1 and have visually checked that I'm not misdescribing the (differing) characteristics of each one's design. The exclusive use of a completely non-physical shuttering process in the J1/J2/J3/S1 line is why they have a top shutter speed of 1/16000 second but a slow (for these days) flash sync of 1/60. This system gives the possibility of the incredibly fast burst shooting speeds that the 1 System cameras can achieve, with the slow flash sync being the cost (along with the occasional possibility of distortion on a fast-moving subject). The V1 and V2 can work in exactly the same way, but also have the option to be switched to a conventional physical focal plane shutter, when they have a top speed of 1/4000 and a higher sync speed of 1/250 - and of course this makes the typical, non-cancellable shutter mechanism noise (though it is notably quieter than many). Only the V models have this choice of shutter types.

Wow! I jut looked at your Gear List! Do you ever sell anything?

Thanks for the information, Helen. The slow synch speed of the 1 J1 doesn't affect me as I have no plans to use it after dark. But I like the Nikon 1 and I think it's been under-rated.

I have a few of the same cameras as you; GF2, E-PL1, E-PM1, 5R, 1J1.

I quite like the E-PM-1 as a daytime camera. Same as the 1J1, turning off the NR conserves those megapixels. How do you like the E-PM-2?


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