I've given up on the Fuji X100s.

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Take David's advice with a *big* grain of salt...

David Hardaway wrote:

I am very happy. I was responding to someone thatmentioned they couldnt get the x100s that they were lucky to have another chance at making another choice without loss. But defenders came and jumped on me.

There are many many others that have come to the same conclusion about the xtrans. Why do you think fuji is moving forward with bayer in the xa1?

David is talking nearly all tech and not about the other reasons to get a camera or not, take a look at his work. I can say without hesitation that after 25,000 frames with mine, it has been and will continue to be stellar for ad campaigns, editorial pieces, etc.

But more importantly is how many really talented pros are using the X100S to great effect including several at Magnum, Nat Geo and the New York Times.

Remember, the most important thing in a photograph is the talent and vision that paints the light and life in, not technical milestones. The X100S simplifies a lot of what a true visionary wants to get done, and it does it silently which is the number one of many reasons I and other pros use it.

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