EOS M, what's the point?

Started Sep 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
Mahmoud Mousef Senior Member • Posts: 2,604
Re: EOS M, what's the point?

Peter63 wrote:

So I guess my question is for anyone who is keeping a DSLR and an M, when do you take the M instead of the DSLR and why? Is it weight, size, stealth, or something else?

Weight, size and semi-stealth sums it up.

Also, a good lens allowing lots of light to get in (22mm).

Quality of the 18-55 lens is apparently good but I don't have much of a need (or want) to buy it. I think the 22mm is as big as I want the M to become. Any bigger and I think at that point I would rather be using any camera with a viewfinder, flash & a tilting LCD integrated.

The 22mm kit is great for low-light shots without intimidating the locals with a bigger camera.

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