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Re: Missing the Point

Landscapephoto99 wrote:

The point is diminishing differences. 1 stop difference in noise and DR between FF and the best m43 may have been impressive back in 2010 when low light photography was hit or miss on any format. But it won't soon make any difference now that usable ISO is pushing 12,800 in m43 and DR is 11.5 stops. Is 1 stop really going to make a difference when usable m43 ISO is 102,400 and DR is 15 stops? Almost all photo goals can be accomplished well with m43 or improvements in technology will soon allow it to happen.

This is a wee experiment that seems to upset those who believe that there is less than 2 stops difference in final image between the E-M5 { best mFT } and D800 { D800 best FF} . Firstly download the D800 6400 ISO raw file along with the E-M5 1600ISO file from these locations.



The reason for using Focus Numerique image samples is down to the simple fact that while not perfect their exposures and comparative exposures are far more consistent than the somewhat variable DPreview test shots { variable in exposure, aperture, DOF etc}

Then open the images up in whatever RAW convertor you favour I tend to use ACR . Open up the images do nothing other than resize the files to the same pixel dimensions do it however you wish. I upsized the E-M5 to show things at the same output size ,downsizing the D800 will do the same though some downsizing techniques tend to reduce overall noise which we do not want to do here.

Then simply crop the central sections of each image { I use the central area to remove the effect of lenses and DOF from the equation}. This is what you end up with nothing done to the images the D800 has a clear noise and very clear detail advantage.

If you wish to sacrifice some of the image detail advantage to NR you now have a 6400ISO D800 shot that still has more detail { check any of the areas of fine detail which I have highlighted} while now you have less noise

Now you could add NR to the E-M5 file but you are already at a detail disadvantage so all you will end up with is mush. If you have a little time please give this a go. The DXO measurements puts the high ISO difference at 1.7 stops, the DR at 2.1 stops and colour depth at 2.5 stops along with the far superior detail. I consider these pretty significant as for 12800 ISO in mFT it is pretty bad

I am a real advocate of higher MP counts and that is my only real regret with the E-M1 , though i cant wait till i get mine

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