Why most everyone choose Nikon for their first dslr?

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Re: Why most everyone choose Nikon for their first dslr?

yonsarh wrote:

Mmm smug title..I can see that smile on your face. Really dude, just no!

Infact I am one of them.


1. build quality

I can compare a Nikon D3000 to a Canon 1100D and find the same plasticky plastic. The same build quality.. it is what you get for that price. Nikon doesn't has for the price better build quality then the other brands. Actually if you take a look at pentax you might find weathersealing on bodies cheaper then when nikon finally adds weathersealing.

Also welcome in the new age of mirrorless cameras. Some of them are very well build and guess what cheaper then the usual DSLR.

2. brand

You mean canikon? Well Nikon is a second in sales past Canon. Sony follows third..

3. many options for lenses

Mmm depends how you see it, yes you have allot of choices but what is the lens many buyers end up buying.. yes one of the 7 latest nikon lenses in the lower price range. So even though you have allot of lenses and an F mount legacy you can work on.. so few actually use that.

Second because the 3000 and 5000 series don't have an in body focussing engine many old lenses become manual focus only. So .. ya know. How many people will buy AI lenses? Unless you are someone who doesn't minds manual focus and does knows to find the special lenses you probably won't.

How many people don't end up buying the same lenses. Not a bad thing but this does weakens the claim "many lenses." Maybe that is why they removed the focussing motor from the 3000 and 5000 range. Because they thought "Those people will never use old glass anyway"

May I point out that there are other brands that actually kept in body focus motors .. that you can put 30 year old glass on those bodies even out of 2013 and guess what they auto focus.

So it is cook nikon retain the F mount. But by stripping out the focus motor they did cripple the lower bodies. What does that tell you? That they really support the idea of you using 40 year old glass? What if you find a cheap nikon film body with a 50mm F1.4 on it. Awesome right. I agree, to bad it will be manual focus only on the lower bodies :

4. mainly for professional or amateur work

Mmm I see a problem, many amateurs end up buying DX lenses. Because they are cheaper and good enough for their current bodies. Hell maybe even that 18-200mm because no more changing lenses. How many of those will ever go up to the Pro range..

How many of them will ever hunt down a piece of 35 year old 50mm f1.4 "manual focus only" glass.

How many of them actually buy a flash. How many of them actually take the time to learn their camera through and through.

In the end the brand doesn't matter.. you can see a pro shoot images with a Kodak DCS. Or a Fujifilm XPro, or a Canon 600D. Or yes indeed Leica, Leica draws in allot of people with money. And for a good reason, good glass, good sensors.. sure it is a whole different level if pricing but to some people it is worth it. And it makes many people on this forum drool when they see the images.

Second many amateurs nowadays end up with mirrorless cameras. And guess what both Canon and Nikon are not the big names in that area. panasonic and olympus came with the MFT. Unable to win the game with the big sensors they pretty much made a whole new market.

And their products are very nice with quick focus. In a small body with some really good sharp lenses. It makes people ask "Why even stick with a mirror if these smaller ones are this good"

And then you have the Sony Nex, yeah its selling well. Sony still needs to get more lenses out for it but the ability to put on mount adapters make this platform a huge hit.

Canikon is big in DSLR yes.. that is a fact. BUT on the upcoming market of the ILC, the mirrorless, Canikon is nothing! Guess why the Canon 100D exists.. they have to strip down models to get them to low enough price ranges to not lose out on the long term.

5. other

Eh nikon is nice, so is canon, so is Sony, so is Pentax, so is Olympus, so is Panasonic so is Leica, so is..

If other, please specify thanks.

Nikon is not the King, neither is even Canon, yes DSLR sales big.. but many other cameras in different areas of the market are showing up that are nibbling at the two big leaders. And it seems so far that both have little as anwser on this onslaught of little flish.

Hell there is even that black magic video camera that takes MFT lenses. Now why you ask is this important, well remember that video is getting more important.. how about a camera that shoots raw video. RAW VIDEO.. unsharpened, not giving extra contrast, no extra coloring. With allot for details showing that the codecs in our Video DSLR"s blurr out.

Many new markets are opening up at the bottom and so far Nikon and Canon haven't really fought back.

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