Interview with Tereda and other Olympus staff

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Re: Missing the Point

The point is diminishing differences. 1 stop difference in noise and DR between FF and the best m43 may have been impressive back in 2010 when low light photography was hit or miss on any format. But it won't soon make any difference now that usable ISO is pushing 12,800 in m43 and DR is 11.5 stops. Is 1 stop really going to make a difference when usable m43 ISO is 102,400 and DR is 15 stops?  Almost all photo goals can be accomplished well with m43 or improvements in technology will soon allow it to happen.

On the other hand, the size difference of lenses will not go away or improve. We will always be able to take a camera body and satchel of lenses while you are loading that brick on your back. And we always be able to take people in natural poses in photographs while people duck out of the way or pose seriously when you pull your behemoth out.

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