Which brand M4/3 do you use?

Started Sep 25, 2013 | Polls thread
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Guy Parsons
Guy Parsons Forum Pro • Posts: 28,925
Which brand M4/3 do you use?

It keeps coming up that "there's more Olympus users here than Panasonic users", but how true is that and by what factor?

From an earlier "split the forum?" poll it seemed to run 98 Oly to 58 Pana but that was poorly attended, can we please revisit the question based on what you consider is your most used system even if owning both? Naturally there has to be the third option if using both.

Feel free to add messages about using other systems, but use of Oly vs Pana is the main ask here.

Thanks and regards..... Guy

 Guy Parsons's gear list:Guy Parsons's gear list
Olympus PEN E-P5
I am mostly a Panasonic user (may own both)
29.6% 79  votes
I am mostly an Olympus user (may own both)
55.8% 149  votes
I own both but more or less use them equally.
14.6% 39  votes
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