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nevada5 wrote:

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Intended for Sony NEX Talk ----

I haven't seen a reference to this on this forum:

Where the sharpness comes from

Two links (from the DPR article linked above):

Tour of the Sigma lens factory

And - There is no perfect lens

Quote from the above blog: "Most people understand that some copy-to-copy variation is inevitable in the manufacturing process. Most are surprised, though, at how large the sample variation seems to be. Heck, I was surprised at how large the sample variation was when I started doing this kind of testing."


Yes, here's my experience with a (well two actually) decentered SEL16/2.8 lenses... and Sony's total disinterest in doing anything about it:


Sorry to keep beating this paticular hobby horse but maybe the message will get back to Sony HQ to start eating their lemons rather than dropping them in their customers laps!

I don't care about the soft corners on a correctly assembled SEL 16/2.8. This is the compromise you get with a pancake lens and if my lens had been assembled properly, and I didn't like it, then I could at least sell the lens and recover some of my investement.  What I do care about is that both my copies of this lens were not correctly assembled and that as things stand the worst of the two 16/2.8 lenses I own is an expensive paperweight as I can neither use it nor sell it in good faith to somebody else!

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