Customers prefer Fuji x-trans cameras?

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Re: Customers prefer Fuji x-trans cameras?

Emacs23 wrote:

Guys, I keep being curious about your, well, blindness about high ISO performance of Xtrans. Proper comparison with D7100 shew it's marketing trick of Fuji and it's just on par with other APS-C at its best. The same about resolution, even worse for Fuji: bayer is clearly better at sharpness once properly processed.

Since you responded to me, I'll ask you where I said anything in this thread about high ISO performance? But if I had said anything -- as with my comments on JPEGs and sharpness -- it would be based upon my own experience with the camera compared to others I have used.

There's something more than a little ironic about someone, citing only reviews and internet commentary, informing those who are actually creating (and appreciating) Xtrans images that they are "blind." I guess they should open their eyes and read reviews rather than blindly enjoying images. Or they should concern themselves, like you, with how this brand compares to that brand on some chart and the like.

Setting aside for a moment all of the technical comparisons, let's just say there's a Fuji "look" that comes with the Fuji lens-Xtrans sensor combo that many appreciate. The color renderings are distinct, which makes for some images -- including OOC JPEGs -- that don't strike viewers as ordinary, as just another image from another camera. Like the elusive "Leica look" that has been esteemed in photographic circles, it may be partially imagined, and partially the result of marketing. But many are really enjoying their Fuji Xtrans results.

As one who, it appears, shoots primarily with Nikon and Nex cameras, you may find it disappointing that others are enjoying the alternative Xtrans parade. So continue raining on it and building your thunderclouds from technical comparisons. As for me, I'll enjoy taking Xtrans images without thinking much about "D7100" this or "other APS-C" that.

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