In Defense of the DSLR

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Richard Veteran Member • Posts: 4,858
No, the camera is Pro not the photographer.

alexisgreat wrote:

Pro camera? Dont make me laugh- the definition of a pro is someone who makes money from his or her craft. The pro is the person NOT the camera.

Sorry, in just about every product there is a pro version and a consumer version. The  pro version is more expensive to meet the heavy demands that a person who uses the equip on a daily basis as apposed to the consumer grade which is used much less often.

And whatever camera that person uses is a "pro camera" whether it's an ancient relic with an appendix aka a mirror or something more modern like a mirrorless that shows exposure information and white balance

People have sold a photograph to say the news organization that was taken on a camera phone. That does not make them a pro and does not make the camera a pro. If a pro uses a point and shoot and happens to sell the image, it does not make it a pro camera. It was not designed to be.

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